Thursday, June 03, 2010

$1,500 Silver - Mike Maloney


At 6/03/2010 6:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would SLV and GLD not move with the metal...he does not explain this?

At 6/04/2010 12:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why would SLV and GLD not move with the metal...he does not explain this?"

Because SLV and GLD aren't the real metal, they're paper derivatives that can be created by a keystroke (sound familiar?). Thus when a real rush to safety takes place and masses rush to by physical metal to hold, the premiums on physical will naturally shoot higher, as demand will be higher and cannot be easily satisfied. SLV and GLD however can meet infinite demand by virtue of a pressing a key on a keyboard.

At 6/04/2010 1:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is only when the long side of the market takes delivery of the metal that the promises will be unable to deliver.SLV and GLD are under no obligation to deliver, they are there to deflect money from the physical.

At 6/04/2010 6:07 AM, Blogger Gargamel said...

GLD and SLV are used to suck up demand. GLD is now at an alltime record high in holdings. Yet, the price decreases... :) Think about it.

If you had the ability to soak up "speculative" demand with a paper instrument to protect the global economy would you do it? Well, would they do it?

Of course they would and there are countless accounts of this scheme. please see for more info.

At 6/04/2010 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GLD & SLV, ALL of your ETF's are PAPER TIGERS.
Even PHYS, none of them are under any obligation to pay you in PHYSICAL metals.

Their Propspectus show it, the terms od doing business show it.
Plain English, Black & White.

To be in ANY of these is and only should be for speculators, and market players.

As YOU OWN NO physical Gold.

The USD tanks(and it will), your holdings will be paid in Fiat currency..........

At 6/04/2010 7:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just look at gld. Gold is over a thousand but that stock is only around a hundred. If silver goes into the thousands the slv will only be in the hundreds if that.

At 6/04/2010 9:46 AM, Blogger John said...

If you don't have physical when the price surges, then quickly put your money in penny mining stocks. Buy thousands upon thousands of shares from as many tiny companies as you can (don't even wait to do research as time would be of the essence). As physical surges, the general market-rats will flood into these metals producers looking for a way to escape the "fire" of impending inflation.

Then, Lieutenant, strap in and prepare for Penny-Mining-Stock M.E.S. (Main Engine Start)! At least, that's what I will do.

At 6/06/2010 12:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

see "Australia, vips, consider
new taxes on metals (physical
and mining co.).
. . or vips will stop trading
if metals appreciate to much
in price. . .

At 6/06/2010 3:41 PM, Blogger quintafb49 said...

I suggest that you go back and listen to the excellent 15000 bux per ounce Gold video to get a better grasp of the situation. If all fiat currencies are destroyed, all that state banks have in their reserves that is worth anything will be the GOLD. So these numbers are not off the wall. PMs will be revalued upwards to balance the currency issued as explained in that video. Also, see www.tinyurl/33g9vtl for another interpretation. Gillstap

At 6/06/2010 3:45 PM, Blogger quintafb49 said...

Sorry, make that:

At 8/01/2010 12:18 PM, Blogger Gold007 said...

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At 9/06/2010 3:11 PM, Blogger beebs said...

Goldline? Proof Sets?

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