Saturday, June 05, 2010

Weekend funnies 5 June 2010

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BxCapricorn said...

Looks like we have Trichet as the perfect scapegoat for deflation. Silver could very well go to sub-#10, and gold to sub-$900 with a wicked ratio of 90.

Happened last time. Looked through my indicators this week, and we're neutral to buy on stocks, neutral to sell on gold and silver. Pretty balanced overall. I don't see how unemployment does not re-enter double-digits, as Bill Gross said in the links, without stimulus spending from the Feds, to offset layoffs on the State and Local levels.

BxCapricorn said...

My mistake. I just ran them again, and below $17 put in a buy signal for silver on Friday.

Jb said...

Lots of these resonated with me this week. The first one with the map of Europe will have to be updated every week! Lativia and Hungary are in the news now.

The 'staycation' is something I was discussing with a guy yesterday. He left England in the 90's to come here. He said the banks foreclosed on houses for the first year or two and then figured out that it was in their best interest to work with owners on affordable payments. I hope that's what happens this time around.

The 401k roller coaster describes exactly how I feel. IMHO, the stock market is no longer for middle class retirement investment. I'm gettin' out.

Thanks Randy!