Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Investigative Journalist Webster Tarpley:

"To keep Euro down, RMB up, Germans out and derivatives in command"

Investigative Journalist Webster Tarpley said Obama's letter targets both China and Germany. "The general idea is that Obama, Geithner and Summers have telegraphed their strategy, and it's to keep the Euro down, the Renminbi [Yuan] up, to keep the Germans out and to keep derivatives in command of everything."

Tarpley argues that the Obama administration is working to direct the forces of the economic depression against others. "The general ideas is to save the dollar," said Tarpley. He then argues that the Obama administration's planned actions to regulate the financial sector and derivatives are "hogwash" and are nothing more than words.

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Anonymous said...

Damn that rt host sounded a lot like a main stream reporter, just re hashing white house talking points.