Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Are Government Debts Leading us to a Keynesian End?

6/11/10 Economists on Fox Business News discuss what happens when governments accumulate too much debt and can no longer use Keynesian tools to boost artificial economic growth.


Jb said...

My thoughts exactly. I agree 100% with the guest.

I don't buy into the idea that we can continue to borrow forever any more than I believe we can base an economy on a non-renewable resource forever. We need major economic and energy reform NOW.

Obama touched on this last night but I thought his speech was weak: there's no leadership, no passion, no plan, and no urgency.

Thanks, Randy.

45north said...

LA Times:

Another galactic reform out of Hyde Park.

The one thing Obama did not do was put a tax on oil! Pretty simple to do. Effects would be immediate conservation of energy. We do it in Canada.

The plan is to stay in power.

Randy said...

Great link 45North - I missed the President's speech, but looks like the linked article covered it pretty well... If it weren't so damned serious, I'd say our whole corrupt system is nothing but a laughable joke...

At this point in life, I'm actually becoming numb to many of the world's serious issues - concerns that typically get followed up with partisan political bickering, a coverup of some sort, or an idiotic decision that completely defies logic and / or the common sense test. What have we become - Is there hope???