Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gulf Spill - Unpluggable!

Enormous oil plumes below seawater - larger than Maryland or Delaware; 120,000 barrels a day (not 5K, 10K or 50K as previously indicated); unpluggable, also leaking elsewhere aside from BOP; extimated 9,000 days of underground supply at current leak rates - all Oxygen eventually removed from Gulf...

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Next video - Sharks and other fish congregate in shallow water due to low oxygen levels

June 19, 2010 — The Mobile Press Register and AL.COM posted surreal video. It's suggested sea life is fleeing oil and oxygen poor water for a chance at survival.

Marine scientists studying the effects of the BP disaster are seeing some strange — and troubling — phenomena.

Fish and other wildlife are fleeing the oil out in the Gulf and clustering in cleaner waters along the coast. But that is not the hopeful sign it might appear to be, researchers say.

The animals' presence close to shore means their usual habitat is badly polluted, and the crowding could result in mass die-offs as fish run out of oxygen. Also, the animals could easily get devoured by predators.

"A parallel would be: Why are the wildlife running to the edge of a forest on fire? There will be a lot of fish, sharks, turtles trying to get out of this water they detect is not suitable," said Larry Crowder, a Duke University marine biologist.

(Next Video) June 18, 2010 — Dolphins showing strange behaviors.


TradePlacer said...

This is very unfortunate for everyone involved. BP can obviously never clean this mess up, and is insolvent when factoring the liability. It has already caused irreparable harm to the Gulf, and will exacerbate peak oil. It couldn't have happened at a worse time.

The Real Deal said...

What happened so far is bad stuff. One can get angry. But it is not the scary stuff. The scary stuff might happen when in August the relief well now being drilled doesn't work.

Then you have a 20,000 foot uncontrollable hole into Earth crust tapped into a huge oil field gushing out at 3000 psi pressure. Only nature can stop it. It's not nice to stick a big needle into Mother Nature ass. Especially the hole in the ass!