Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jim Cramer: The Flip-Flop that Ought to be Illegal

I've always felt Cramer was a complete idiot and this video confirms it. He either belongs in Jail for his blatant lies & guiltless flip-flops -- which has resulted in major losses for the many who follow him, or in an insane asylum for his combined narcissistic and multiple personality disorders.

I hope this video causes so much controversy/backlash that the networks move to fire his rotten ass! This lunatic needs to lose EVERYTHING -- including what little dignity he may still have.


Anonymous said...

He's just another tv shepard for the sheeple. Anyone who makes financial decisions based on a teevee character deserves pain. The only reason his shirt sleeves are rolled up is to see how far he can put his arm up your... nm. Great video Randy. ty.

Randy said...

Thanks Huntur. Appreciate you posting up your thoughts.