Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Non-Energy Crisis--Lindsey Williams

Excellent, Fantastic, almost unbelievable late-2006 presentation that I urge everyone to watch.

In summary: Lindsey was a an ordained Baptist minister in Alaska during the energy crisis of the 70's and was present in several "Top Level meetings" when the largest oil field ever discovered in North America was celebrated (Gull Island Oil Field)-- only to become "Classified" the next day and never tapped/put to use.... Why? To control oil supplies and establish a dollar pricing agreement w/OPEC -- so they would recycle those dollars, and buy our national debt. He who controls oil and oil pricing, controls the world.

Iraq (World's 2nd largest oil reserves) was a setup because they wouldn't accept US Dollar standard and Iran (3rd largest reserves)will be next.

There are multiple parts to this series and I highly suggest you watch them all, but I've posted up the main ones so you can get a taste.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Non-Energy Crisis Part 4

Non-Energy Crisis Part 5

Non-Energy Crisis Part 6

Non-Energy Crisis Part 7

Non-Energy Crisis Part 8


Next Dimensions said...

These are great, thanks for posting them. There is a version of another speech of Lindsey Williams' that is edited together and composited with the American Flag as a backdrop, if anyone is interested in sharing/posting it (links below). Cheers to everyone... and especially a thanks to Randy for this blog.

Randy said...

Next Dimensions,

Much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you site just shut down. It was running as of last Friday(5/30/08)
Rev Williams has been threatened by Big Oil and Government into silence. We will unfortunately not see his videos anymore.

Tragic that this patriot is being silenced.

Justin_n_IL said...

Hey Randy,

It's that gnarly dude from IL. These videos have profound truth in them. None of it surprises me. The bankers will not stop until they have their one world currency. They sit atop the masses and there is only one thing that is going to bring them down. Praise GOD for that! Thanks for posting them Randy and keep up the good work!



Its one crisis after another the whole world has been turned upside down.


Could be correct.