Sunday, June 01, 2008

Prepare for the Collapse of the US Dollar

Lindsey Williams, author of the 'Energy Non Crisis' explains how the US Dollar Crisis is upon us via the World Bankers choice of using Oil as the US Dollar's backing.

Prepare for the collapse of the Dollar

Suggest you watch the prior set of Lindsey William videos for a better understanding of what he's talking about here.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting to say the least. The date was Oct'07 and now presently we are nearing $4 to $5 per gallon as stated in the video. Once question, I see a lot about investing in gold and silver. This was also mentioned in the video as a trap. What is one supposed to put some safely away if the dollar is tanking by design and metals are not the answer? Very alarming to say the least.

Randy said...

I believe when gold was mentioned as a "Trap" he was referencing the building Gold bubble of the late 70's -- prior to the pop!

Popping gold helped reinstill confidence in the dollar

Louisa said...

Randy - really enjoy the site- thank you.
As for Lindsey Williams, well I have to say, he reminds me of the classic conspiracy theorists right out of the John Birch Society. I could not get through the first one because I'd heard most all of it before from the early seventies. My mom loved all that stuff. I remember hearing it long ago - it was quite a flashback, but one I don't care to revisit nor do I give these types of conspiracy salesmen any credibility, personally. Just my two cents.