Wednesday, October 01, 2008

$10,000,000,000,000 and counting

I just noticed that our National Debt crossed the $10 Trillion mark tonight - Congratulations America!


Anonymous said...

Plan 9 from Outer Space

On August 29, 2008, $9,645,725,555,640.02 was the total public outstanding debt of the United States. By September 29, 2008, it was $9,945,578,231,981.59. That was an increase in debt of approximately ten billion dollars for every day of September or $300 billion for the ninth month alone! One has to wonder why regime Treasury Secretary Paulson needs Congress to okay a paltry $700billion when in another few months he will have added at least that much and more to the nation’s debt anyhow.

In the movie Plan 9 from Outer Space, the characters evolved around a science-fiction like inability to ward off predators from another galaxy. They simply stood with arms pointed straight down, emitted a faint scream and let the spacemen have their way with them. I fear this same inability has appeared again from outer space, this time in the form of everyone ignoring current monthly statements of public debt, while actually Plan 9 is busy adding billions monthly to the total.

We have seen the manipulation of investments that have given a select few the freedoms to fleece all of human kind. There was the Financial Services Regulatory Relief Act of 2006 that created still another economic panic requiring us now to lend in a “counter-cyclic” manner when normal fiscal criteria counsels “don’t lend.” We have become possessed with such lending, such financial relief and ensuing stimulus. It has left us with a glaring stare, one that causes men who know that things are going quite wrong to say that things are fundamentally sound, a sort of Plan 9 effect on earthlings. We may as well have our spinal cords severed. Let’s see; blank stare with a wide-eyed gaze, un-founded optimism in panic stricken markets, a central bank that knows what’s good for us, oh yeah, they’re here alright. It has to be, what else could explain it?

Justin_n_IL said...

Just look at that thing run. Over a 100 billion already since she rolled to 10 trill.