Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Physical Gold and Silver Rush and looming COMEX Default

GATA: Metal keeps drying up as Comex pretends otherwise

"There's no rational explanation for the incredible disconnection between gold's physical demand and the paper trading of it on the Comex."

Ted Butler & Israel Friedman: The Silver Rush Is On

Sales of newly-issued silver coins by the world’s public and private mints have exceeded 30 million ounces. These mints can’t keep up with investment demand, for the first time in history, resulting in unprecedented premiums and rationing. Throw in newly manufactured bars of all sizes, and some 150 million ounces of silver can easily be documented to have been bought by investors. Undocumented purchases would add tens of millions more ounces. Investment demand for silver this year is running at a full 25% of world mine production and over 20% of total production (including recycling). This is a remarkable historical turnabout. For decades, up until a few years ago, there was no net investment demand for silver. It was always reported that investors were dishoarding silver.

...an unprecedented investment rush is underway in silver. The amount of investment money flowing into silver, compared to gold, is staggering. Let me make this clear - it’s not bearish for gold in any way. It’s just bullish beyond belief for silver.

Silver Manipulation by Wallstreet!

COMEX Default on Gold or Silver

Physical Gold versus Paper Gold -- USAGOLD Video Brief (October 18, 2008)


Next Dimensions said...

Gold and Silver COMEX commentary video. Skip ahead to 11 minute mark (or watch whole video on base metals)


Randy said...

Next Dimensions,

Wrong clip - Took a bit of digging, but I think you wanted to pass on this Clip:

Fast Forward to 11:00 mark

BNN Commodities Report