Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lindsey Williams on The Alex Jones show"End of Arab Oil"

Posted TODAY:

Previous Lindsey Williams Post from Back in July 08: Oil expectations 2008-09 - A MUST READ!!!!!



Justin_n_IL said...

I'm not at all surprised but still, WOW.

Justin_n_IL said...

What's up with the Indonesia oil field? Alex says they did but I can't find out anything about it on the web. If anyone does please provide a link. Thank you.

jerry said...

Justin, I cannot buy into this conspiracy theory. Lindsey Williams said that the elite will buy up all the houses, airlines, and world banking system. With what? $1-2 trillion wouldn't do it. Don't forget, the elite will be effected by inflationary pressures, as well as everyone else. Many of the nation's elite have their money tied up in their big houses, fancy cars, hired help, and big family budgets. Many of them are stretched and as the stock market kills many of their investments, they are not going to be able to do what Williams is claiming.

I am very skeptical about their Trilateral Commission conspiracy theory.

OperationNorthwoods said...


It seems to me that you are discussing a different elite. I doubt the Rothschilds have their money tied up in big houses. Maybe a billion or two, but that's small beer. These guys have a lot more than a trillion at their disposal. Heck, the bailouts in the last couple of months alone must be a lot more than that for just the US alone, and they control many European governments as well.

Also, what do you think happened in the 1930's? "Money returned to its rightful owner" as the saying goes.

jerry said...

Hi there Operationnorthwoods,

Since the Fed opened up the window, this year, the amount given away comes to around $900 billion. With the current giveaway of $700 billion, we are looking at under $2 Trillion. The Rothchild's of the world are out numbered by the rest of us. As oil drops to $50 per barrel, and the Middle East producers hunker down and slow down their building projects and such, they will try to hold on to whatever they can. There is really nowhere for them to stash their cash. The world is tumbling over the cliff.

The mindset of Americans is different than 1929. People are much more aggressive than that time in history. People no longer wear ties and jackets to dinners at home. They really don't have a herd mentality any longer. They get angry now.

The Elite of the elite will experience troubling times like the rest of us. There really is no safe haven for them to invest except as landlords. And they are already doing that.

For all we know, we may see economic war crimes tribunals occurring as the people get angry and storm the streets wanting justice done.

The unraveling will be very eye opening.