Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shooting w/FOFOA, Saturday Oct 25th


ChrisR said...


Looks like Remington Tactical Shotgun arrives this week....just in time for the election night riots here in DC.

Chris R

Justin_n_IL said...

I was like come on Randy "hold it in!!!, make that barrel glow"

Well the Economicrot and Fofoa blogs just moved up a tier on the Homeland Security watch list LMAO

I remember being able to shoot... Then I got popped with some C residue and there went my FOID card. But I still shoot my bow...wink

Randy said...

LMAO Chris - hope it doesn't come to that, but you never know and it's always best to be prepared. Remember our cash and food discussion also.

Justin, I was honestly thinking about that same "watch list" issue before posting up the video, but then thought "what the hell, as an honorably retired USAF veteran, I must be a serious threat, so I'm likely already on the list.

A bit of sarcasm there for my Homeland security readers.


Anonymous said...

what was the suppressed one? it was pretty darned quiet, were you shooting some sub-sonic rounds?

Anonymous said...

AS Val?

Anonymous said...

That's a Sterling Mk5 or L34A1 as it's known in the U.K. It doesn't need subsonic ammo, and like the MP-5 SD, it's a 9mm, integrally suppressed subgun. It utilizes a series of ports, or holes drilled into the barrel to bleed off the bullet's gasses directly into the permanently suppressor to slow down the velocity of the bullet to subsonic levels as it travels down the barrel. It's a fully transferable and completely legal full auto gun that's registered to me in the free state of Nevada.

Here's additional photos of the gun's internals you may find interesting.

Randy said...

Thanks for the providing the details Tom and once again - thanks for allowing me to hang out and shoot your awesome toys!

I took a look at the link provided - great pictures.

VegasSMG said...

I'm delighted you enjoyed yourself!

I love introducing people to my hobby and seeing the huge grin firing a legal full auto weapon puts on their face.

You missed the .22 caliber conversion kit in the M-16. The dimished sound and recoil make it a ton of fun as well as being cheap to shoot... Next time.