Sunday, March 15, 2009

American Tent Cities - a growing crisis

In the wake of the housing crash and unprecedented economic downturn, "tent cities" have been springing up in several places in California. The story is not that new. However, it has not received much mainstream press. Therefore, many are unaware this is even happening.

With many American families living a mere two paychecks away from losing everything themselves, this news is jolting - that the spreading foreclosure crisis and collapse in real estate values, in combination with a faltering job market, will likely push many more families (even those w/children) into homelessness.

For more on this growing problem see (this link) from a March 5th Post

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Chris Martell said...

Dignity Village in Portland, Oregon.

A much more elevated and humane way of dealing with this immense homeless problem.

Not a solution to the economic chaos, but these kinds of alternative living situations are going to have to be embraced quickly on many levels... by all participants in communities that have people living without shelter...