Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nevada's Unemployment Rate Hits 10.1%

Nevada’s unemployment rate has nearly doubled since last February when it stood at 5.5 percent and the unemployment rate is quickly approaching the highest rate ever recorded (10.7 percent, reached in December 1982).

Nevada’s unemployment rate continues to surpass the national unemployment rate, which was 8.1 percent in February. In the Las Vegas-Paradise, an estimated 102,500 workers were without a job, pushing the rate to 10.1 percent.

“Since the start of the recession, in December 2007, the unemployment rate has increased every month, nearly doubling over the period. Since September, the economy has shed over 50,000 jobs, suggesting the economy decelerated markedly during the final months of 2008 into 2009.”

Link to DETR Press release


Anonymous said...

Not to be cavalier, but approximately 90% of workers DO have jobs, enjoy the bright side while its here.

Moe Badderman said...

Anonymous Coward wrote: "Not to be cavalier..."

... then don't be, and STFU.