Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nassim Taleb on Squawk Box

Interview with Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan, on Squawk Box - discussing the financial meltdown, mark-to-market accounting and ways to build a more robust economic system.

Hat Tip Jerry!


jerry said...

Taleb is da' man. And, what about those stupid punk idiots asking dumb questions. They have such toy brains. Arianna was the only one getting to the meat of the issues. If these young people are any example of what brains are like in their generation, we are doomed for sure. Too much television, text messaging, video gaming, and non-thinking, non-analytical processing has destroyed their generation from all appearances.

Anonymous said...

Right jerry.

I read Taleb Black Swan book. This guy of high international blood (like Roubini of Dr Doom fame) is not only smart but think and act out of the "box". By 'box' I mean the boxed-in brainwashed culture we now see as majority in America. Years of TV, big media, video game, point-and-click zombie life turns brain matter into calcium. This society has now produced the following sorry state of affair: The 50 something played the game of fast money good life but most got their 401k busted up with a whole lot of family liabilities leftover. Be afraid. The 40 something knows it when they got screwed but just don't have what it takes to do anything about it. The 30 something got angry but don't understand what hit them. The unemployed 20 something just found out they lived a life of gadget delusion. A short life wasted and without even basic employable skills. There is no such thing as listenable music from this generation. The teens, well, they can't even think, don't even know after they've been hit. Nobody dares to tell them they've got an inherited $15T national debt to pay off. Result of lousy education, non-think society.