Saturday, March 07, 2009

New World Order Ahead!

A superb video that will really make you think..

BTW: This "Must Read" Counterthink article meshes perfectly with the video below:

Why the Economic Destruction of America May Be Step One of A Global Banking Power Grab



Anonymous said...

Wow, that was powerful in conception. I have disliked AJ in the past, thinking that he has marginalized himself through association (something that hurt Ron Paul as well). I have no idea what his personal beliefs are, but it is hard to argue that this wasn't spelled out fairly clearly some 2,000 years ago. The Apostle John had an extraordinarily difficult job trying to describe what he was seeing in the language of his time. He had nothing to accurately compare it to so he did the best he could. I sympathize with those who would try to do battle with this force in earthly terms - they will ultimately lose. Lucifer's victory will be short lived, however.

Anonymous said...

The faces - Zbig, Greenspan, Soros, etc are only a hint at the power structure. Their higher ups are rarely in public, I'd say.