Saturday, August 08, 2009

AARP Town Hall Meeting on Health Care - Dallas, August 4, 2009

Another example of the massses waking up from their slumber, getting involved and voicing concerns. Must watch! Hat tip FOFOA


Anonymous said...

I am proud of the senior citizens of my hometown of Dallas!

Justin_n_IL said...

Check out this MSM bobble heads reaction.

Anonymous said...

To talk about the abomination to the hippocratic oath that is our "modern" health care system is to dismiss the basic idea of "Cause and Effect. To ignore the fact that the vast majority of the 2.5 trillion dollars spent is to treat the side effects of the myriad of degenerative diseases that are "Caused" by the poisonous non-nutritious food system that makes up the diet of the average US Citizen.

Through the monopoly forces of our capitalist system we have centralized control and lowered the cost of our agricultural system to the around 150 billion. This has been done at the expense of the nutritional value of the products.

Food processing:
This food processing industry has developed a system based on addicting people to cheap non nutritional foods through the use of processed salt, sugar and fats.

Chemical Industry:
A close look at the chemical industry is in order also.


Chemical fertilizers
Prescription drugs.

The known detrimental side effects associated with the use of chemicals have been shrouded in the mist of Madison avenue and misinformation.

This is the most important issue for the future of our country.

Cleaning up the food chain which is the cause for great expense and misery delivered by our "Health Care System" is the only prudent course to take.