Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dollar Hyperinflation?

Russia Today Report - Obama talking through his hat - dollar and treasuries falling; $24 Trillion already pumped into US economy and/or guaranteed - this will ultimately fail; Entire state economies are collapsing; A Panic rush to exit the dollar door may take place in not too distant future... Be ready, dollars are a bad investment - buy something of value with them before a collapse.


Justin_n_IL said...

Nothing to say of much value here but I remember Mr. Tarpley from "The Obama Deception". A must see for those who have not yet watched it.


Justin_n_IL said...
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Justin_n_IL said...

A President gets sick and the stock market crashes? How about Obama dies in office by natural death or freak accident and then a BIG exit for the doors?

John H said...

Great post Justin


Justin_n_IL said...

John H,

I agree with you, it was pretty blahzay.

Anonymous said...

Much as I love to hate the dollar...I recognize a weak argument when I see/hear it. That Russian sponsored video (with native US english speaking hosts?) was weak. Pure and simple.

In fact, recently I've noted Mish is coming out now saying to look for a USD bounce (and Mish has a strong track record the last couple years).

Bottom line...(and I'll steal it from another,previous post somewhere I can't recall).
Paraphrasing: don't begrudge the ever so slow meltdown. Rejoice, for it gives one more time to prepare.

And I for one, certainly welcome that.

Randy said...

I believe the quote came from Jim Sinclair - and I concur!

Justin_n_IL said...

Anon 8:46,

Excellent point is an understatement regarding Jim Sincalir's thoughts on the slowness of it all.

PaxAmericana said...


Tarpley is one of the most interesting guys talking about the political economy and the oligarchs who run the US. That video was on a Russian site, but so what? He's all over, including Alex Jones's sites quite regularly.

Mish may be right, and maybe not. I think we would have a deflation, if not for international factors that will lead to trouble. I, too, hope for a slow burn, as that would give me more time to head for the hills.