Sunday, August 09, 2009

Road to Ruin

I stumbled across this superb music video while searching Youtube for something else - an excellent visual/musical synopsis of our current economic quandary.

From Youtube:

Off the new NASHVILLE TRACKS album, ROAD TO RUIN was released in July 2009 by Brian Jay Cline ( This Johnny Punish produced video presents one man's view of the recession of 2009 and the economic fallout that has been hovering over the USA this past year starting with the credit crisis of 2008, foreclosures hitting middle America and the subsequent homeless problem created as hundreds of thousands hit the streets.


The Real Deal said...

- Bought $35 trillion worth of housing without the money

- Bought $15 trillion worth of imports without the money

- Bought a big war in Iraq without the money

- Bought $450 trillion worth of financial derivatives without the money

- Bought $33 trillion worth of commercial real estate without the money

- Bought who knows how many trillion worth of state public welfare without the money

- Bought additional $1 trillion worth of military-industrial stuff over 10 years without the money

- Bought two terms of Bush II and gave him all the money

Well, you get what you paid for. You bought ruin, you get ruin.

Kit Burns said...

Great selection, well done!
On another note I just saw "money as debt"( Found it useful in understanding a bit more about money. Kit

Willy2 said...

Did ECONOMICROT/Randy bring this video ?? This video gives an answer why the US invaded Iraq.