Friday, August 28, 2009

Comedy relief - you're going to love this one!

Get ready for a few belly laughs everyone - all the more hysterical because it's based on the surreal reality we're living today!

Tim Hawkins absolutely slammed it out of the park with this one... Tim, you sir are my new hero - well done!

Who can do anything? Of course - the government can!

Hat tip to Iconoclast and Justin for sharing! (recieved the link from both today)

Looking for another laugh? Try either or both of these:

Should the Government Stop Throwing money into a giant hole?

Real Estate Downfall - A Hitler Perspective


Anonymous said...

What a FABULOUS video!

This should be required curriculum in schools.

If we dug up Thomas Jefferson and could somehow bring him back to life, I think he would instantly connect with this piece.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Had me LMAO!

Debraven said...

Hi Randy, glad you are back and as always you find great things to post. This Tim Hawkins guy is hilarious!
Thanks Randy and hope all is well.

Anonymous said...


Angel of Death

Anonymous said...

Funny, but it proves how the propaganda has set in. I thought the people were the Government. Don't they represent us? So this really shows what crackpots we all are. We put money and wealth on a pedestal (everyone wants to strike it rich) and then we get pissed when someone goes after it. For example, the market says supply and demand, so when lumber is priced out of sight during a demand as in a hurricane, people run to the government to stop the natural operation of the market. What about minimum wage that is set by the government not by the market. What about our clean air, why must the government get involved, let the market sort it out. If we had real freedom without government meddling. You would be the first to protest. Where you are now is because of the government for the market does not care, (1920s) please do some research and don't just repeat the propaganda that the owners of the world tell you. We are like house slave who enjoy some better conditions although we are not free and we get mad at those slaves outside always talking about freedom. Please wake up and redo the song.

George said...
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Nothing like something funny to lighten things up a little.