Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Disconnect Between Supply and Demand in Gold & Silver Markets

Absolutely the finest explanation I've had the pleasure to read regarding the recent manipulation activity used to smack down Gold and Silver prices of late. A Must Read!

Big Kudos to James Conrad!

The Disconnect Between Supply and Demand in Gold & Silver Markets



Sell me your Home said...

Very simply and well put. Kudos for the spot.

Dave said...

It's amazing. I've read a flurry of such articles, including that one, lately. I wonder if the cat is finally out of the bag, and if so, what impact it may have on the markets. These events help restore my faith that truth cannot be suppressed forever.

I'm also curious to see what happens when a physical silver shortage becomes acute and industrial users cannot obtain sufficient supplies.

Justin_n_IL said...

One of the best articles I've read concerning that which is taking place.

jenkilc said...

I logged on to your site tonight and read and viewed everything you have posted since Sunday. It paints a bleak picture. There are many more articles which mirror these economic and political concerns.

Since the mid 1960’s there have been lots of subtle hints as to the direction our nation was heading first culturally, then educationally, finally politically and now economically. Those hints will be picked out and turned into giant tomes by historians who have the gift of hindsight.

Those few who tried to wave red flags in advance of these sweeping changes were branded conspirators, nuts, or anarchists. During this time the vast majority of us were lulled into a quiet sense of peace because our wallets were filled with colorful paper, our malls were full of trinkets, and we could always get away for a meal and a long weekend. I’m afraid those days are rapidly drawing to a close.

In 1972 an economics professor of mine (from Europe), when asked about the possibility of the American economy collapsing introduced us to the Gold Standard, explained its function in keeping honesty in the system, and then told personal stories of the Weimar Republic. His lesson was very similar to the information you’ve presented this week.

Randy said...

Thanks to all for posting up


Well said.

All we can do is try to help others open their eyes - before it's too late for them and their families.

I've been labeled a nut on far more than a few occasions myself - expecially early on. Kind of ironic thought, how those who disbelieved early on are now eagerly seeking my advice.