Monday, August 25, 2008

Fox News: Next Gulf War?

Kuwait, in preparing for confrontation with IRAN, has activated its emergency war plan and is performing exercise drills while a US and British Armada head to the region - believed to be the largest deployment since 1991.

hmmm... could this be the real reason behind the crushing received by oil and commodities of late -- knowing that prices will soar if/when a new middle east campaign is initiated? It certainly makes sense - causing one to ponder the bigger overall picture of actions v.s. consequences...


Anonymous said...

The Empire wants war in order to cover up the "end game" of the banks. This is it. The instability is on the rise and the ball is rolling fast. Cheney will be in Georgia in a few weeks to further enhance the South Ossetia situation. Russia is on the (expected by the Empire) defensive and waving warning flags. Will we have elections in the US? Will Obama become the forced dictator to carry out Zbigniew Brzezinski's plan to overtake these areas?

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned that World War III may be launched precisely to divert peoples' attention from the financial collapse.

I think the provocation in Georgia may either have been intended to distract Russia from a U.S./Israeli attack on Iran or perhaps even to start WWIII.

However, the Russians were only briefly distracted and have their hackles up, so I think an attack on Iran is less likely now, thank goodness. Unfortunately, the risk of WWIII has increased!

I read this morning that Russia has sent its own warships into the Black Sea, which is already populated with U.S. and NATO warships. That sounds like an explosive situation.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, we can just borrow more money from the Chinese and Middle Eastern SWF's to finance another war.

Unknown said...

The Empire wants war
The collective consciousness and will of the US of A is against war. There is the theory that the executive branch can manipulate the consciousness and will of the US of A. Lucky we got sceptical types as next dimensions who are quick to spot any such manipulation.

God guides the course of nations and guides the US of A - guides who is chosen to lead and guides their thoughts and actions once chosen. God is present in scenes of the ordinary and usual. We are rolling towards a climax - financial, political and military. Be watchful, be ready!

Randy said...

What can I say except this Blog is exceptionally fortunate to have such well informed and free thinking readers.

I really appreciate everyone taking the time to post up your thoughts.

Your humble blog administrator.