Sunday, August 31, 2008

US Economy 2009+

2003-2006: The Goldilocks economic ride is here - ain't this great?

2007-2008: Just a little downturn, won't be bad

2009 - ? : Holy Sh@T!



Justin_n_IL said...

Comments? LOL I think the words and picture are a perfect fit. Reminds me of the "subprime tunnel of horrors" picture you posted on one of your weekend funnies posts.

Randy said...

That poor little girl is absolutely terrified - much like the masses will be when the dam finally breaks.

Thanks for posting up Justin. I do remember that one and really get a kick out of the economic cartoons.

Anonymous said...

That photo is great! It says it all. "I am scared out of my gourd! Is this for real? Yes, I am on the roller coaster ride of my life. But, it will end, and hopefully, I can walk off of it with my shorts clean and intact."