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I never claimed to be a constitutional expert and I can't actually verify the information contained in the video below, but I did find it to be very thought-provoking and it helped to tie some of the loose ends together - i.e. how we went about changing from a "Government of the people for the people" to the mode in which we operate today (a govt supporting corporate and special interest groups).

I mean: Have you ever wondered why it takes HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS to become a front-running presidential contender? It's absolutely insane! How can anyone without tremendous financial backing stand a chance? He can't and it's rigged that way for a reason! Those who do have the financial backing, regardless of any good intentions, are OWNED by their financial backers by the time they are "elected" to office and "we the people" don't stand a chance with presidential priorities - until a crisis emerges anyway.. but I digress.

Anyway, the Video below seeks to explain how our nation lost its Constitutional foundation and the God-given Rights that were secured by the Organic Laws of The United States of America.

We as a free people began to steadily loose our Liberty when this commercial corporate system (a so-called Democracy) replaced the Constitutional Republic that was given to us by the Founding Fathers.

America the "great experiment", was for some time the inspiration of many across the globe - Now however, she has become what she disdained and has fallen into the hands of the powerful international banking interests.

Have you ever wondered why we Americans are kept so ignorant regarding the creation of money and economics - or why we're programmed from birth to be such a good consumer? Think about it -- daily, our media outlets barrage us with consumer driven programming -- and it works... We Americans will now buy just about anything.

Lets keep them stupid, in debt and make them desire that which they don't need. Our economy (70% of it anyway) absolutely depends on it! It's your duty as an American Patriot to go spend that money that you don't have to support the corporation, ugh - I mean Country!


Justin_n_IL said...

Very interesting.

Louisa said...

I feel this is exactly where we are at in a nutshell. We are are corporate state in America now. I also refer to it as a market dictatorship. My husband and I talk about this observation frequently. It's been building for sometime - in earnest since the Reagan years, I would say.

It's not unlike the Gilded Age in the early 1900's. Things go in cycles. What is striking to me in this period though, is the level of complacency in the citizens. We have become so brainwashed into buying things (thanks to mass media/advertising), that we are easily told what to do, how to think, what is right, what is wrong, what words are to mean - it's simply stunning. An amazing accomplishment of the "ruling class", if you will. Mass media, (since WWI especially) has helped in this process tremendously.

As a society, we have become non-thinking consumers of ANYTHING.

Dave said...

This is the first time I've commented on your site, Randy. I immensely enjoy your ground level insights into one of my favorite cities.

The claims made in the video would explain why we have a corporatocracy today!

But in researching it, I tend to disagree with the interpretation of the U.S. Code, which you can view at

I looked at the relevant section, Title 28 section 3002, part 15, A, B, and C, and I think it's being misinterpreted.

It reads:

(15) "United States" means -

(A) a Federal corporation;

(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or

(C) an instrumentality of the United States.

As I understand it, what it says is that a corporation that's owned by the United States is referred to as simply "The United States." I do not interpret it to mean that the "United States is a corporation."

As for the other claims that a foreign-owned U.S. Corporation was implicitly created, I'm still looking into that.


Louisa said...

In this "Enron" society, I doubt many are concerned with enforcing actual laws when it comes to corporations and Wall Street, in particular. They regularly do not enforce laws in place anyway, or circumvent them with a wink and a nod, laws that pertain to these entities or anything else they want to (like no declaration of war on Iraq, for a prominent example).

They buy,make,create,interpret the laws however they wish to maintain their corporate state control, telling the masses all the while what a wonderful democratic country they live in (that is also God's country, by the way).

I'd laugh if it weren't so tragically true.

Randy said...

Thanks for the comments.

Louisa, I think we're both on the same wavelength and I agree with everything you have said.

Dave, Really appreciate you taking the time to research the background information and then posting your interpretation.

Again, I never claimed to be a constitutional scholar, but I did find the video to be very intriguing.

BTW: I scanned through your Blog and saw that you have spent some time researching the constitution:

" Sometime between 2001 and 2005 the revered United States Constitution passed away. The unfortunate death of this noble experiment in self-government was blamed on a combination of malfeasance by elected officials and apathy among the uneducated public. The new government of the United States, a perfected implementation of Nazi Germany's fascist government, promises order and security, which were never quite achievable while the Constitution was alive."

Good on you! Feel free to post up anytime.


jerry said...

I believe that this nation evolved from a federation of states made up of citizens who believed in government by the people and for the people, into an industrial and financial plutocracy. It crept upon the people without them noticing and once upon them, it was too late.

I am not a constitutional authority, either, but whatever happened to its true rule of law, has been corrupted by this plutocracy.

The citizens cannot even speak out loud enough to let the elected representatives, many of whom are complicit, hear that the constitutional kleptocrats must be arrested, tried and convicted. But they remain docile.

To see how few of our citizenry have marched against this war and the White House gangstas is shameful when compared to the overall population.
I have been there and seen it up close.

The Koreans come out in much higher numbers to protest over American beef!!

When the Robber Barons loaned this nation the money in order to rescue our economy, that was the beginning of the end.

Today, it is very clear that the corporations have become the government to serve the plutocracy and make those who are not part of the club into the servants paid an amount that is determined by the elite club members.

Now, the world's plutocracy are continuing to loan the government money just as the J P Morgan, and his fellow club members had done.

The United States as a no-bid contract corporation, with its members tapped into the Treasury, which has taken over every agency, department, and aspect of this current regime.

It is likely not to change very much even with Obama. But, it will change for the better than if the Royalist McCain takes the reins.

Time For Another Teaparty said...

Dear Randy and other readers.

I am the filmaker who made this film you are commenting on. I must reiterate the point I was making in this video. That there are two forms of Government. Corporation and Republic. This is why such legal documents like the constitution sit back seat to current legislations.

Learning theses laws will empower you to make the decision to what "Government" has jurisdiction apon you and yours.

The Corporation
Started with:
Gettysburg Address in 1864,
and the Incorporation of
District of Columbia by (Presidential) Legislative Act of February 21, 1871, under the Emergency War Powers Act and the Reconstruction Acts.
Then reorganized June 11, 1878
--16 Stat. 419 Chapter 62

a " Corporation"
with a legislature was established,
with all the apparatus of a distinct government created (Incorporated) by (Presidential) Legislative Act, February 21, 1871
Forty-first Congress, Session III,
Chapter 62, page 419

On June 20, 1874, the President with advice of Senate abolished and replaced the 1871 government with a commission consisting of three persons.
18 Stat. at L. 116, chap. 337

A subsequent act approved June 11, 1878 (20 Stat. at L. 102, chap. 180) was enacted stating that the District of Columbia should 'remain and continue a municipal corporation,' as provided in 2 of the Revised Statutes relating to said District
(brought forward from the act of 1871)

181 U.S. 453 (1901)


Corporate Officers
"... But by the Act of June 11, 1878 (20 Stat. chap. 180), a permanent form of government for the District was established. It provided ...and that the commissioners therein provided for should be deemed and taken as officers of such corporation."
The District of Columbia v. Henry E. Woodbury,
136 U.S. 472 (1890)

in Section 3002 Definitions,
it states the following:
(15) "United States" means—
(A) a Federal corporation;

To incorporate means to become
a part of something bigger. Some people believe
it is incorporated with England
and the paperwork
is filed in Puerto Rico. This I cannot actually back up even though alot of legal paperwork including our SS Numbers are kept in Puerto Rico. I have an uncle who captured his strawman there.

I highly suggest you really look into the law. The reason Clinton got off for lieing in court was not his power but his knowledge of law. "Depends on what the definition of is IS and i did not know whether you meant past present or future..."

Started with:
Declaration of Independence in 1776,
Articles of Confederation in 1778,
and the Constitution in 1787

a "Republic"
having its beginning with the colonial resistance against England's tyrannical government.

Major opposition against British control began with The Stamp Act, established by British parliament on March 22, 1765--Taxation without representation, followed by the Declaratory Act, the Boston Massacre of 1770, and the Tea Act passed by Parliament on May 10, 1773 to save the East Indian Company from bankruptcy.

Resistance continued with the Quartering Act established by Parliament on June 2, 1774, requiring American colonists to provide shelter to British troops and horses when requested.

From September 5 to October 25, 1774 Twelve colonies, all but Georgia, sent 56 delegates to Philadelphia to participate in the First Continental Congress. The purpose of the First Continental Congress was to debate and plan a unified response to British policy and actions.

On March 25, 1775, Patrick Henry delivered his "give me liberty or give me death" speech to the Virginia Assembly in Richmond.

Various conflicts took place
and blood continued to be shed.

On May 10, 1775, The Second Continental Congress convened in Philadelphia. Delegates from all thirteen colonies were present.

After signing the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, and winning the revolutionary war which ended with the Paris Peace Treaty signed September 3, 1783, all American colonists became free, Sovereign people, endowed with the same rights that the King of England had.

"... at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people, and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects, and have none to govern but themselves; the citizens of America are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants in the sovereignty ... Sovereignty is the right to govern; a nation or State sovereign is the person or persons in whom that resides. In Europe, the sovereignty is generally ascribed to the Prince; here, it rests with the people; there, the sovereign actually administers the government; here, never in a single instance; our Governors are the agents of the people, and, at most, stand in the same relation to their sovereign in which regents in Europe stand to their sovereigns. Their Princes have personal powers, dignities, and preeminences; our rulers have none but official; nor do they partake in the sovereignty otherwise, or in any other capacity, than as private citizens."

--Supreme Court of the United States
2 US 419 (February 1794)
Chisholm v. Georgia
Chief Justice: Jay, John
Argued: February 5, 1793
Decided: February 18, 1793

Do you understand?
Blacks Law Dictionary Defintion of Understand : To stand under anothers authority.

Things are really not what they seem.
Check out here: