Thursday, September 18, 2008

Navy build up in Gulf

The number of US navy ships in the Gulf is at a five year high.

The US says they are there to protect Iraq, but Iran says it is all part of a military build up, which threatens the stability of the region.


Dave said...

I just cannot believe they are flirting with attacking Iran now! Such a war is more likely to lead to World War III than at any time in the past! But maybe that's what they want. Such a war would certainly be a "nice" distraction from the spreading financial carnage.


jerry said...

I am agreeing with that perception, Dave, but who will pay for this war this time? It is definitely, a fools folly.

Russia is now supply Iran with arms to defend themselves. Our fleet in the Gulf are sitting ducks when the Iranians unleash their own Predator missiles upon our Navy soldiers.

So much can happen before Jan, 2009.

financial and human carnage would be the result.