Monday, September 01, 2008

Ron Paul CNN American Morning 08/28/2008

Ron Paul discusses his non-interventionist policies vs. the top two candidates interventionism on CNN.


Tim said...

Paul hits the nail right on the head. He's the only former presidential candidate that understands the economic/financial situation that we're in, as well as the consequences of getting involved in needless wars. I wish that he would run on a third-party ticket; I'm looking for a candidate to vote for besides Nobama or McFail.

jerry said...

I do agree that Ron Paul has been very honest about the true state of the economy, but it is easy when are not a contestant in the pageant. It is easy under those conditions. But the reality is that there are two contestants in this horse race and they have two different perspectives on the economy, as well as all the other issues. They are both in to win the White House. They are out there trying to win over voters. The race is narrowing, and unfortunately, telling it like it really is is not what many Americans want to hear. Americans have been dumbed down, beaten down, scared out of their wits, afraid of the economic hammer or the buzz saw cutting off their job. They really don't want to hear the bad news.

I have a Ph.D friend who does not want to read about the economic problems. He knows they exist, but does not want to be reminded of them.

Ron Paul can say it like it is. So can Nouriel Roubini. But many Americans cannot face the facts.

Tim, there are NO other candidates to vote for. To vote for a third party is a vote for McCain. Therefore, the question you must ask yourself is, 'Do I want 4 more years of the same old policies? Do you want a vice president who says that the war in Iraq is God's will on behalf of the United States? The fight for oil hegemony in Georgia is God's will to claim oil rights.'

The fact is this nation, which is based upon religious beliefs, must move forward with real solutions that effect a reality for all members to believe in, and not just a few.

There are two candidates--which one is best to follow through with such a vision?

On this posting and others, people want to pretend that there are more than two choices. Yes, we can criticize the candidate's positions and policies. And we must! These candidates are appealing to their bases: moderate/centrist Democrats, or religious right, neo-con Republicans.

That is IT! We are not included. Your read and you will find fantastic articles written by the best writers with out-of-the-mainstream views, but, ultimately, these writers, and the rest of us new junkies, must reconcile to the fact that either Obama or McCain will be president.

If we are to vote, and it is our duty to do so, then which one is closest to our own views.

Matt said...

I absolutely love this guy! Anybody else would succumb and endorse one of these "candidates". But not good ol Dr. Paul!

Matt said...


I do not agree that it is our "duty" to vote. And the country seems to back me on this. Only about 50% of the country votes because they see it as the sham that it is. I voted in my state's primary for Ron Paul. I will not vote for one of these clowns for President in '08. If I see someone worth voting for on the local level I will.

Randy said...


Couldn't agree more!


My office-mate has his Ph.D in Astro Engineering (a true rocket scientist), but his head is buried in the sand and he wants to hear nothing about the crappy predicament we're in... Even though I've nailed several current events and numerous economic issues. He thinks it's luck and the bad news will all go go away soon.

In actuality, I guess he's probably tired of hearing my negative viewpoint - as so very many people come to me for advice (almost daily) and he overhears it all.

With that said, you've got a great perspective and a valid viewpoint, but I'd have to lean towards Matt's viewpoint - What we've got is actually a sham for the real powers that be.

Any future president will merely be a puppet to the TPTB and will have very little independent wiggleroom.