Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend Funnies - Economic Meltdown


Anonymous said...

What you are seeing is the biggest Bank Heist in world history!

700 billion + is just the first 'haul' of the SCORE

No guns, no Nitro blowing the door off vault, no squealing tires of the get away car...... ALL out in the open..... in plain view no less!!!!!

250 million PLUS Americans are 'aware' something has happened.....??????

But 99.9 % of my fellow Americans are to stupid to understand.

Thats OK!!! The ball game is on the TV, NASCAR , Golf game, American Idol, they got cold beer in the fridge!!!

Their church pastor with a gleam of PRIDE in his eye, has told them for years, repeatedly, They will not 'suffer' ANY tribulation....... as they will be 'Raptured' out soon by Jesus and company...... and those nasty 'sinners' left behind, will SUFFER! and they will be living with Jesus! the good life !!!!

Wait till they find out the TRUTH that Pastor has been blowing smoke up their collective asses every sunday to get easy tax free money in the form of tithes!

Their is NO 'SECRET RAPTURE' all one has to do is read Mathew chapter 24 VERSE by VERSE and the church filling 'Escape pod' rapture LIE /Doctrine is up in smoke....PERIOD!

They will be here suffering just like the rest of US 'Sinners'

We are in real trouble folks and 99.999 % of Americans don't even see it or DON'T CARE!

The America you and I knew is finished!

Thank you for reading!

FOFOA said...

Did you see this one?

Anonymous said...

LOL... Just wait for the food riots. Well remember that mama told you about saving the 3 G's.


Anonymous said...

I live here in the USA Metro DC area and can not for the life of me why aren't any US citizens (tourists) comming here to protest. Hmmm...I guess it's not really not that bad yet. Oh yes when they eventually decide to come, there will be plenty of police to talk to...:) Supression of the masses will be the rule anyway.

Piltdown Man said...

The current crisis would be easily solvable simply by giving $1,000,000 to every household. We know the Fed just prints the money, so how hard can it be? After that, everyone would have enough to eat, pay the bills, etc. and even save some for retirement. How hard is this really, folks?

Anonymous said...

"99.9 % of my fellow Americans are to stupid to understand" should read "99.9% of my fellow Americans are TOO stupid to understand."

Anonymous said...

The primary reason for no protest is very simple:

99.0 % of the so called 'Christian' churches in America Preach a 'secret rapture' doctrine in that when it gets 'some what' bad Jesus will snatch them out and the rest of us worthless no good 'sinners' will suffer great the tribulation!

They the 'saved' ones will be basking in the light of Jesus while we get our 'just' & suffering deserts for not being 'saved' and being a member of 'their' church... the only one that has all the answers I might add...just ask a member of one!

With a doctrine like that people cop the attitude of :

Why polish the brass on a sinking ship?

This is a deadly doctrine and just a plain LIE...period it fills up the church and brings in plenty of buckrooos to the guys running the show!

Rapture doctrine = ESCAPE POD

America is a sinking ship and you cannot get these people off their asses..... to do anything! they just stand there with white robes tucked under their arms waiting for Jesus and Scottie from the star ship enterprise to show up and cart them away to narvania!

The church in America today is under the total control of the Govt just look up the 501C3 IRS tax laws and restrictions on the Tax exempt church

No 'Pastor' is going to risk his cusshy pastor job taking ANY stand .....of that you can be sure!

Ask yourself when is the LAST TIME you saw a 'Pastor' take any kind of a REAL stand?....No way baby the TAX exempt status is more important than GOD!

The 'Pastors' FEAR the IRS more than they FEAR GOD! PERIOD!

The sold out 501C3 tax exempt Pastors keep the 'flock' tame and very docile...... just like the Gov't wants and EXPECTS that is the DEAL made for keeping the tax exempt status!!!! ......the ones that do get out of line get the Waco,Texas nerve gas & burning church treatment!


Riplakish said...

Because, piltdown man, a roll of toilet paper will cost $150,000.

One word: Zimbabwe.

Mike Lee said...

The bank+gov heist, the escape pod, the stupidity of the herd, etc... yadi yada... what else is new? The US is a bit new to the housing inflation... A million US bucks do not fetch much in terms of housing in any of the developed world countries' cities. A $million in the US still buys a great deal of housing. Our housing markets will recover. The rich and the moderately smart are buying the distressed properties at 30 to 50 cents on the dollar as the nightly news cover the bank-gate. The rationale to "save" the corporations that are "too big to fail" is rational. Btw, the Fed isn't "saving" AIG and the likes. They are merely saving the structure of the their businesses. What the masses aren't talking about the idolization of the CEOs in this country leading to the unimagineable bilking of our corporations by the tens and hundreds of million bucks by these "human gods" -- i.e., the CEOs.

Randy said...

FoFoa - no I didn't - good one.

Anon 808 - agree, things will likely get out of hand and we all better be prepared to protect ourselves. When TSHTF, those who have nothing will certainly not be afraid to take what YOU have. Think about it...

Anon 8:15 - correct - martial law may be one of many likely outcomes

Piltdown Man - Thats one way to spawn hyperinflation, but TPTB would rather bail out the fat cats than the little guy - regardless hyperinflation (combined w/Depression) is on the way.

Mike Lee,

This Titanic economic situation is much bigger than just housing and it (US housing market) is unlikely to recover for a decade or better.

Many of those "rich and moderately smart" you spoke of will likely get their asses handed to them as they catch the falling knife and housing values crater much lower than anticipated.

Anonymous said...

This meltdown was a long time coming and, if history is a reliable guide, the response of the government will likely make the situation worse, just like it did in the Great Depression.

On a different note, the argument made against the pre-tribulation rapture reminds me of the one that Gene Hackman's character makes to Clint Eastwood in the movie "Unforgiven." As Eastwood is about to shoot him, Hackman's character protests, "I don't deserve this!" Eastwood's character coldly responds, "Deservin's got nothing to do with it."

So it is with the rapture.

To assume that the church will be taken out of the world to spare them from any serious pain because they are somehow "deserving" of being spared the suffering is not accurate (a cursory look at church history will suffice to counter that view). And just because some Christians have mistakenly (and shamefully, IMO) assumed that a rapture somehow absolves them of any responsibility for taking action while they are here does not correct that false assumption.

Yes, I have carefully read Matthew 24...and Luke 21 and Mark 13 as well. I've also read Romans 9-11.

If one assumes that the church has somehow replaced Israel then the notion of the church going through the tribulation could logically follow. If, however, God is not finished with Israel, and the church is simply a paranthesis (interruption) between the 69th and 70th weeks of Daniel, then one might conclude that the rapture is the way God has chosen to get the church off of the stage so that Israel can rejoin the performance and finish out that prophecied 70th week.

"Deservin's got nothing to do with it."

Piltdown Man said...

See - I'm not the only one who thinks every American household should get a million dollars: