Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Pledge Of Allegiance

I listen to Michael Savage on my drive home most evenings and find comfort in the fact that many of his viewpoints are similar to my own (maybe I'm really not crazy after all?).

Anyway, several times over the last couple of weeks I've heard him bash the bailout plan, Paulson, Bernanke and the rest of the gang and he even offered us a new "catchy" pledge of Allegiance:

From the Savage Nation:

"I pledge allegiance to the Stock of Goldman Sachs of Wall Street and to the Gang for which it stands One Gang indivisible with liberty and profits for them."

HYSTERICAL, but oh so true!


Anonymous said...

You have a very incisive blog which I thoroughly enjoy and follow on a regular basis.However your fondness for Michael Savage (that pseudo-intellectual blowhard) was somewhat of a letdown.Just my two cents///Avid Reader

Randy said...

Appreciate the comment Avid Reader.

I agree he is quite the arrogant blowhard, but many of his points are valid/rational.

My dial toggles between him (AM720)and Glenn Beck (AM1280). I find it hard to listen to music with so much going on in the world - gotta stay keyed in on the events of the day and get my information overload "fixes"

Thanks for your readership and I'm glad you enjoy the blog.


Nikko said...

Savage is a douchebag. However, he did nail it with that one... "with liberty and profits for them" - HAH!

Justin_n_IL said...

Hey Randy,

I'm usually always jamming to music while I surf the web.


FOFOA said...

Michael Savage is an independent thinker, which is rare, and his bumper music rocks. Don't let the MS haters get you down Randy.