Friday, November 21, 2008

Gold Chart

I'm inclined to believe a nice Gold rally is located right around the corner


Steven said...

Randy, I think that you might just be correct! Muuuhahahaha!

Thank goodness! I have one of those 401s that is self directed. All of it is in Gold oil and resources.
Yes I am speculating and I know it.

Also I am down 65% from peak in April-May.

Yes it will recover and then some, that just may tale 2-3 years.

tarun said...

i am down 60% in my Vanguard Pm fund? and am thinking of doubling down on it. Have 80 % of money in cash thanks to randy,and mish. Doubling down will take me to having just 3 yrs living expenses left in cash. Wrk is good. What do yu think Randy?
Sorry Randy the Gold optins didn't wrk out. Got stopped out at break even. Got caught in vanguard. Was building this position over the year.

Randy said...


I don't think Gold will take 2-3 years. I'm thinking months -gained $57 just today - I believe the rebound has started.

Tarun - Sorry, I must refrain from offering advice. Hope you saw my comment/reply to you on previous thread.

BTW: Looks like CNI is nearly out of everything today - CNI Link