Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Peter Schiff on the economic impact of this election


jerry said...

Peter Schiff sounds more like Trickle down Reagan economics. He is proposing nationwide poverty. The good jobs are gone. He says "taxing those who provide jobs." Peter, they NEVER created jobs. They shipped them overseas while using their wealth, through tax cuts and subsides, to become even richer. Peter really does not know what he was talking about. He has only one agenda, to keep his clients coming back to him and become wealthier.

Government is too big, but it is big with those who are his client base, the wealthy corporate oligarchs who got no-bid government contracts to build a bloated Homeland Security agency, and the military war machine. To cut entitlements for those who need them, would create such poverty. The country would be in a mess. Our hospital emergency rooms would be triple than what they are today. Soup Kitchens would be filled with millions of American poor souls. Crime would be rampant.

We had Peter Schiff as president-his name is George W. Bush in his first term.

Anonymous said...

funny enough, even with govt bailouts, the scenario above will happend.
only difference is that it will be in the form of a hyperinflationary depression instead of a long recession.
and it's going to hit everyone sitting on dollar denominated assets.

McBama FTL

Anonymous said...


You have no idea what you're talking about. If you've even watched any interviews with Peter Schiff, you'd clearly see that he talked about the inflationary problems hitting us now. He talked about how our country has no manufacturing, which is why we're in trouble. He talked about the mounting debt. He was against the bailout--he indicated it would make the US economy worse.

He's precisely against big government and overspending. Schiff was Ron Paul's financial advisor.

I hate idiots like you that don't do your research and then put blame on people like Peter who has warned us about these precise problems.

And then you align him with George Bush? You're a massive retard.

Manbegrot said...

furthermore, why did they "ship jobs overseas"?
B/c the govt made it so restrictive, burdensome and expensive to hire american labor - they figured, "screw it, we'll take our employment opportunities elsewhere"

Randy said...

Though I don't always agree with him, Jerry often offers this Blog's readers a very articulate (though sometimes politically biased) "Devils advocate" perspective that some may not or would not have thought about without his input.

Regardless, we're all in this learning process together and debate is encouraged, but name calling doesn't accomplish anything for anyone.