Friday, November 14, 2008

A preview of the G-20 Economic Summit

Charlie Rose interviews Steven Pearlstein from the Washington Post on expectations for the G-20 Economic Summit this weekend

Hat tip Jerry


T said...

Ok, this video is freakin scary even though it is not supposed to be. OWG here we come!

Anonymous said...

You ain't just a woofin, t.

Virgo said...

I'm thinking a world wide stock market crash soon, no? And definitely a new 'tri-polar currency' of same value. 2009 is going to be one super exciting year!

jerry said...

It is so hard to fathom that China, Russia and other nations would give up their sovereignty, and economic power and control very easily. I don't see ANY solutions anytime soon. They want to punish Bush and the US. Before they give up a thing, they will want to see us squirm and suffer. They are not going to let Bush off the hook. But, what is interesting is that many of these countries are in a real bind. China will see millions losing their jobs as their manufacturing shrinks and they will have to deal with that. Yet, their GDP has two more years of strength.

The cocky body language of Bush was so disgusting. This fool got us in this situation, yet displays an image that he is innocent.

I cannot believe that some of these national leaders would accept a one-world regulator of national banks without a price to be paid.

I am so interested in hearing the press conferences that come out on Sunday. The market will really be listening!

This is the oil link--worth the time to watch:

Anonymous said...

You want my economic freedom (or what's left of it) you're gonna need an army cos it's gonna be an all out war

Jayson said...

If there is a problem of "too much hot money", you would think someone would be bright enough to look at why there is so much hot money, rather than try to give up sovereignty and add regulation.

The hot money is a direct result of fiat currencies and monetary inflation

T said...

Would anyone mind if I said I was never going to vote for the Republicans again unless we get a Ron Paul type? I HATE the idea of Democrat socialism but I also hate this freakin plundering of the taxpayers to anyone who asks. LET THE CARMAKERS, BANKS, AIRLINES, AND ANYONE ELSE WHO ASKS FOR MONEY JUST FAIL AND LET RESPONSIBLE FOLKS BUY THE ASSETS!!!! (ok, I need to calm down before I have a stroke) -T

jerry said...

T, take deep breaths, and find your center. Relax. Have your favorite food. Obama really should bring Ron Paul into his administration, if he would go. He would likely have something to offer. You say let responsible folks buy the assets of the ailing transportation and banking industry. Who would buy? Who has the money? What are they really worth? Who would take the risk right now? Probably no one and others have very little. The airlines are shrinking. The auto industry needs a transplant. Fire the executives; offer lifetime warranties to all new car buyers. They should all merge and shrink the brands. Keep the best volume models, and then offer electric hybrids THAT WORK! I agree with the Market Ticker guy and get rid of the big banks and stuff the billions into solvent, local and regional banks that have no toxic bombs on their balance sheets so THEY can get credit flowing to local and regional borrowers, if there are any! Let the big banks fend for themselves and figure out how to remain solvent by cannibalizing their own and their net worth.

My guess is who would want to borrow now? Maybe if you need a car you can afford, or help with college tuition, or consolidated debt or keep your business operating.

2009 will be one heck of a year, as Virgo emphasized. My word verification is shout! I sure will!