Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Max Keiser on Alex Jones

Max Keiser on Alex Jones Yesterday.

Max claims that he can't buy an ounce of gold in Paris for less than $1,100. He also discusses suppression by GS and suggests COMEX will default in December due to a concerted effort by investors who will demand delivery.

Gold discussion starts ~ 5:40 mark into this first video, but I suggest you listen to the whole thing, as they touch on other topics such as Lindsey William's (Link 1) (Link 2) earlier (unbelievable at that time) insider prediction that oil and commodities would get massively crushed by the manipulative powers that be.

Part 1

In the second and third parts he says the Price of Gold could double in a day and the USD will nosedive.

Part 2

Part 3 discusses the proposed new Bretton Woods talks and implementation of a new currency

Part 3

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