Sunday, November 30, 2008

This guy sums up my thoughts about the Christmas Season


Dave said...

I totally agree with this fellow. I find the obligatory gift buying and giving repugnant. The recent tragedy at Walmart is a perfect emblem for this disgusting "tradition."

I don't buy Christmas gifts. I do give people gifts when I feel like it, which is usually not at holidays or birthdays, but just whenever.

And I hate receiving gifts most of the time, but especially during these gift-oriented times.

I have everything I could possibly ever need, and more. I just don't need anything else. Now, if someone wants to give me some thing like an object of art, why, that's perfectly OK, as long as it's something nice. Tacky art objects are perhaps worse than gifts, especially if one is expected to display them!

Food is my favorite gift to receive. Either a home-cooked meal or being taken out to a favorite restaurant.


jerry said...

Americans have addictive personalities, as a whole. For a great many Americans, they are addicted to buying stuff. They just cannot stop, and want to have more and more stuff even though they don't need it.

They have to soothe their aching souls and loneliness through buying things and having to prove they are better at it than others by camping out in front of a store, on Black Friday, to spend their hard earned money.

But, as we have known all along, many of these shoppers do it on credit and are willing to rack up big debts, with compounding interest, to buy a bargain even though they will eventually pay more through the interest payments.

It will all be different for a long time to come.