Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nevada Govenor Gibbons calls for salary cuts

LVRJ, Nov 11th: BUDGET DEFICIT: Gibbons calls for salary cuts

Laying off state employees and teachers would be an "untenable situation," he said in response to questions from reporters.

Instead, the governor wants to find a way that salaries of state employees and school teachers can be reduced to avoid layoffs in the wake of the state's new $300 million budget deficit.

"I am willing to take a salary reduction," said Gibbons, who earns $141,000 a year. "At this critical time, no one wants to be laid off before Thanksgiving, before the Christmas holidays."

During a public forum conducted by Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley, D-Las Vegas, in Reno last month, some Nevadans even called for a tax on gold.

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Gary Near Death Valley said...

No offences GOV, but when I have in the past run a deficit, I cut back on spending. The state of Nevada, as well as all other states that jacked up money use during "the good years" better get a brain and CUT BACK on personnel, programs, and anything else.That is what happens during gigantic downturns (and this time it is going to be a doosy, called a Greater Depression 2).

And yes if businesses do a terrible job of forecasting, and lose sales (gee GM, Ford, banks etc) then they need to die on the vine and become room temperature. In the case of auto manufactures that pay around 75 dollars an hour including benefits, then good bye.