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Why voting in the US elections is A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME ...

On Oct 11th, I penned a quick piece Obama or McCain? Doesn't matter! explaining how the powers that be (TPTB) 1) want us to believe that our vote really counts and 2) want us to believe that our candidate's policies will make a difference, when in fact TPTB are merely dividing the peoples energies/votes between two peas of the same pod - TPTB win either way and we continue to believe in our facade of a democratic process. HA!

With that said, I just read a better explanation that I'd like to share with you:

Why voting in the US elections is A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME... by Clive Maund

The United States likes to portray itself as the bastion of freedom and champion of democracy, but if this were really true then there would be at least 6 or 8 different parties to choose from at election time, and given that it is now a country of over 300 million people a choice of at least 10 different parties would be more appropriate, but instead there are just two. Why is this? The reason comes down to the "concentration of power" issue that we addressed in an earlier article with respect to corporate American and the systematic disenfranchisement of its population. The reality is that the two remaining political parties, the Democratic and Republican parties are in fact one, and the only reason that the ultimate step is never taken and the parties merged is that with one party to vote for and an election being completely superfluous, even Joe Sixpack would realize that he is living in a dictatership. So the 2 remaining parties continue to dumbbell around each other for ever, maintaining the thinnest facade of democracy, and controlling the country for their elitist masters via their duopoly of power.

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Justin_n_IL said...

It absolutely amazes me how passionate people get over the one choice packaged in 2 seemingly(to the uninformed) different suits. AMAZING, then again in the land where consumption and entertainment is king it's not all that amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hello folks,

This was indeed a weery good article. I my self living in Sweden a small country in Scandinavia. We have been using this system for as long we had democracy in this country wich is about over a 100 years. At the moment there is 7 parties in the "congress" and four of them are at the moment in a coalittion government. The rules are simple. If you get over 4% of the popular vote your in, and get seats in the congress acording to how many votes you have. We are not a republic and hince dont have any president. Instead we have a silly king with no power outher than representativ ones. The government is built up with ministers and a prime minister much like the system in England but with a multiparty system. If this type of political system could be implemented in USA Im sure that would be a mayor turning point for the world. Because the world needs a healthy America. I have been to the US many times and has always had a wonderfull time. I went to New York and Miami in Juli this summer and did hit the streets of America when the dollar whas at its lovest point. And I can say that I had the shopping spree of my life.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I've been saying this for about 15 years, but everybody thought I was "unpatriotic" or apathetic.

Well, if something is clearly a waste of time, then only a fool continues doing it!

Ever since I abandoned my "civic duty" I've been playing the game by the real rules, with money. I "vote" with money, giving money to organizations that work for me day in and day out, not just on election day.

I would honestly love to see nobody show up to vote. Talk about sending a message of "no confidence" to the powers-that-be. Let's see the mainstream media spin a voter turnout of zero.

Unfortunately, too many people in this country - the vast majority, actually - are prone to doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


Randy said...


As I've been saying for some time now - people will finally begin to wake up when it becomes a struggle just to put food on the table. By then however, it will likely be too late.


Appreciate you taking the time to post your "Sweden Perspective"


your last line sums it up very well - vast majority are prone to doing the same thing over and over - expecting different results

Anonymous said...

If Ron Paul or someone like him ever gets to be the president of USA i would apply for a green card the same day.


Anonymous said...

I guess one can say that the two party system has bred a mongrel party animal that has genetic traits of both party parents. That is just what has happened. But one must remember that even though each party parent has genetic material that goes way back in their individual lineage, the offspring may come out as superior from what might be expected.

We all know the lineage and behavioral patterns John McCain possesses. We all know that the Maverick label has been a front and facade. He made a choice to run a dirty, stupid and incompetent campaign. He never once stated EXACTLY what he would do if elected. he continues to pretend. All he does is attack Obama, yet never announces his own change for the country he claims he puts first. He denies that he would be faced with a most important challenge in 6 months. He actually claims that under his rule, there would be NO challenge in 6 months. Do we WANT a president who is in denial? That would be very dangerous. We have had one for 8 years. Do we need more of them?

The third party debate came up in 2000, and in 2004. Those voters who chose a third party have had to experience the worst economic disaster we have ever seen. And the worst has yet to come. All of us on this blog don't deny this will happen. This is what we all discuss on this forum. Are we going to do something, although small, about it? Will we do our little best to slow, if it is possible, although it maybe too late, the inevitable?

The third parties brought on unelectable candidates. Why didn't Ron Paul run as one? He did not want to risk his Republican Party status. He took the easy way out. He was not willing to take a real risk...for the country.

Obama comes from these mongrel party parents, too. But he is smarter than most. Now we know what Obama has proposed to do. He has been upfront with his wish list, although more than likely idealistic. He appears to NOT be in denial. McCain surely is. McCain wants more trickle down at any cost. Obama prefers trickle up, if at all possible. Roubini, Baker, Bernstein, Roberts, Morici and others support trickle up.

What would a third party vote accomplish? Would it make a difference? Would it help slow down the pending train wreck, or would it make it worse?

Each of us must make a very real decision. Do we vote idealistic or do we vote realistic. If you might consider Obama, it maybe close. Your vote is needed.

If you want McCain, then he will need your vote, since he may lose some critical states.

It is in all in our hands. What will we do?

Justin_n_IL said...

"It is in all in our hands. What will we do?"

NOTHING!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! All playing aside. Talking about a 3rd party candidate not being electable? That's because the corporate owned media will NOT ALLOW them to become electable. FOX news wouldn't even allow Ron Paul at one of the debates early on no less. It can be argued that in a way the media gives us the choices. If the media doesn't like the guy then forget about it. Just what would make them "like" the guy?

I don't recall where I seen it(maybe Orwell rolls over in his grave) but somebody mentioned that if the media was for the "common man" then it would allow "free" air time to candidates. Now there is a thought. But they don't. For crying out loud GE owns NBC. GE is like the 3rd largest(without taking time to look it up) corporation in America. People trust them to not skew the news? Let alone trust them to give fair coverage to a candidate i.e. 3rd party who has the "common man" rather than the elite at the forefront of his agenda?

Anonymous said...

Yes, corporate America owns the media, but Obama raised millions of dollars through small Internet contributions and did not need the media until he could buy time on them. If that were not the case, and Obama was more like McCain, dopey and bungling, he too, would be treated like a third party candidate. The media would make fun of him and shun him. He would never had a chance. But he isn't that way.

The media is basically Republican owned, yet they have followed Obama through it all. Obama is everything the media would go after if he was not so widely appealing.

If Mayor Bloomberg decided to run as a third party and campaigned as a true independent not beholden to corporations and lobbyists, and said that he was going to focus on the economy and turn it around as it should be done, firstly by cleaning house, he would have very likely knocked McCain out of the race.

So I believe there could have been a third party candidate that would have had wider appeal, but it did not happen.

Anonymous said...

this was copied from Karl Denninger's website...

"In July I purchased a rather expensive ticket to a John McCain reception at the University Club in Washington DC. It included a round table discussion with Governors Ridge and Keating, two of John McCain's top advisers.

I got one question into the round table, which was the essence of the above story - the fraudulent basis of the entire housing bubble and the futility of trying to maintain home prices.

The question was dodged by both Governors Ridge and Keating, but during the photo session (yes, for my money I got my picture taken with Governor Ridge - wow, what an honor) that followed Governor Ridge pulled me aside and said in a low voice "the essential element in all this was greed, you know." I nodded in reply.

Yes Governor, I do know. But this makes quite clear that John McCain and you know too, doesn't it?

What followed was a fusillade of faxes to Governors Ridge and Keating, and multiple requests to their offices for a face-to-face meeting.

The faxes went through, but I never received a reply from either office on my request for a short personal meeting with either individual.

On 10/6 I sent the following letter via email to Alex Lahan in John McCain's "finance" division of his campaign - the people dealing with financial policy:

"October 6, 2008

Alex Lahan

McCain Headquarters - Finance

By Email

Dear Sir:

Please find enclosed a number of faxes (in PDF format) that I have sent to Senator McCain’s office, along with to the campaign via Tom Ridge and Governor Keating.

I was an attendee (at the “top level”, including picture and discussion forum) in July at the DC gathering in an attempt to get through to the campaign that this would be the issue in November.

Nobody wanted to listen.

Now it is the issue and still, nobody wants to listen, despite repeated attempts to get someone's - anyone's - attention within the campaign. If you are one of McCain's advisers and not bringing him this message, you are wrong. Its that simple.

John McCain is going to lose all 50 states in a month unless his message on this issue, and his actions, change immediately, as in today.

There is no “ifs, ands or buts” in that regard.

The solution to the trust problem – and it is a trust problem, not a liquidity problem – involves three elements, along with a 4th – locking up all of the fraudsters who got us here, perhaps including Henry Paulson, who while at Goldman Sachs created many of the subprime, ALT-A and other “liar loan” packaged securities that are now responsible for this mess.

Senator McCain is literally out of time. Come the debate this week he is going to be hammered as a member of the Keating Five from the S&L Crisis (a true allegation) and that, along with the fact that a Republican is currently in office, will destroy him in November.

This is a certainty.

The Senator has exactly one chance to stop this outcome, but that requires that he “act like a maverick” and take action on this matter right here and now. Not tomorrow, not vaguely, not in a week or month.

I have attempted to have this dialogue with the campaign for months now but have been repeatedly ignored. I am a lifelong Republican and in fact have a Gingrich Speaker’s Gavel on my credenza behind my desk. In fact, since gaining the age of majority in 1981 I have not cast ONE ballot for a Democrat.

Should John McCain not take this issue on in a responsible manner immediately, this will all change.

I will not sit by and watch The Republican Party play “parrothead” on a bankrupt policy that is intended to bail out Chinese investors rather than American Main Street, no matter how you try to sell it.

The people have woken up and so has The Stock Market, and both have voted resoundingly NO on the path being walked by both candidates.

Time is running out to do the right thing.

Will Senator McCain step up or is it necessary for me to run a full-page ad in USA Today the Friday or Monday before the election? As the former CEO of an Internet company, now retired, I assure you - I can afford it and the future of our nation is important enough to me to do it. I am developing the copy for that advertisement, along with an order for thousands of yard signs for the panhandle of Florida, right now and intend to issue the placement order for both in the next few days - if not hours.

There is much more, including no fewer than six petitions signed by thousands of voters, which John McCain has received and ignored. You can find these at

I can be reached at the number above, or on my cell at 850-XXX-XXXX.

Time is short; if the McCain campaign intends to do the right thing, the favor of an immediate reply is requested.


Karl Denninger

Anonymous said...


Enclosed were copies of The Genesis Plan, Our Mortgage Mess (the white paper), and a letter emailed to Kevin Daucher, McCain's National Campaign Coordinator.

This is what I got back on 10/6 at 1:52 PM:

"Thank you Karl. We received your message and your documents. We appreciate your feedback.

Best regards,


And despite multiple additional emails, not one further word.

From anyone in the McCain campaign.

Now you are free to vote for John McCain if you wish, of course.

I cannot.

I cannot vote for a man who is well-aware, as are his top advisers, that this entire mess was intentionally concocted through greed and fraud, that fact has been admitted, and yet the candidate has promised to do exactly nothing about it.

I cannot vote for a man who clearly intends to allow the fraud throughout the banking and regulatory systems to perpetuate itself and be bailed out through the expenditure of taxpayer funds.

I cannot vote for a man who had multiple opportunities to get in front of this issue, was fully aware of it, and who's top advisers are also fully aware of it, yet has made a conscious and intentional decision to do nothing.

No, John, I cannot cast a vote for someone who has clearly and publicly countenanced and looked aside at fraud that has coerced millions of Americans to go into debt to the tune of trillions of dollars they have no hope of being able to repay. Then, to add insult to injury, when the music ends, with you having full knowledge of how this occurred you then support and press in Florida and elsewhere a plan to forcibly shift the entirety of this fraud to the taxpayers - including those who were not originally ensnared in the trap and even those who are not yet born.

You, John McCain, your support of the "right to life" obviously don't include a right to freedom. You instead support selling our born and unborn children into debt slavery so that those who perpetrated this fraud will not only go free from punishment but will get to keep their ill-gotten gains as well.

Is Barack Obama perfect? No. He and I have many differences of opinion, some of them very serious, and absent John McCain's attempt to sell my daughter and her yet-to-be-conceived children into debt slavery to satisfy those who committed fraud and now demand to escape with the loot, I would be voting for John McCain.

But I cannot vote for a man who has, through his pubic actions and pronouncements, supports slavery of every taxpayer in America, the children and the unborn - no matter what other positions he holds that I agree with.

For the first time in my adult life, tomorrow I will cast a vote for a Democrat - Barack Obama - and I strongly urge others to do so as well.

Slavery was supposed to end in the United States with the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22nd, 1862.

Someone forgot to tell John McCain.

Justin_n_IL said...

McCain is a crook? So what's new? Obama is an empty suit/crook in waiting if not already one? So what's new? Lets be real here. How about the Rezko deal. How about that Ayers guy? I don't do any in depth research on Obama because I don't really care about the worldly bread or circus. But what I do know about the guy is that he is truly an empty suit. The guy has never did ANYTHING significant in his political career. But now he's gonna step up and save the day? I'm sitting here drinking strawberry koolaid as I type this. I love koolaid but I'll pass on the political kind. These guys both stink.