Sunday, November 09, 2008

Peter Schiff On CNBC Special Reports: Can Motor City Survive?

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David said...

This is a funny video. I'm a big fan of Peter Schiff, but I noticed I kept hearing his voice in every other pair's conversation (whichever two people were talking at any given time). He should've just let them do their discussions and waited his turn instead of trying so hard this time to warn the American viewers watching this show. Let his other appearances in past shows do the talking; he's already warned America before, time and time again. He should've let the bad advice flow this time and let them look as stupid as they are on their own. There were just too many guests on this show (more than I've seen yet on any Peter Schiff appearance), and he'll be back on future programs. He tried too hard this time even though he is correct on what needs to be done.

big ell-oh-ell on this one