Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Take the time to thank a Veteran today

Regardless of how you may or may not feel about some of our government's policies, many of these honorable men/women truly believe in what they do and fight not for furtherance of government policy (which very few really understand anyway), but for the safety, welfare and safe return of their brothers and sisters in arms - and their families back home.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Thank YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for your service!

Anonymous said...

...Semper Fi.....

Unknown said...

The movie Passchendaele tells the story of a Canadian soldier in the First World War. There are some great scenes of trench warfare and human drama.

I looked it up on Wikipedia and came to the battle of Belleau Wood
It was the entry of the United States into the war that broke the back of the German Imperial Army. The American and Canadian efforts are like the gospel story of the workers that came at the eleventh hour getting the same wages as the workers that came at the first. The Canadian soldiers are like the workers that came at the first hour and the American soldiers are like the workers that came at the eleventh hour. Both receive an equal share of honour.

Randy said...


Though it was not my intent to seek personal acknowledgment with this post, thank you for your warm thoughts.

Black Star Ranch - Thank you;
Ooh Rah

45North - Good point and I agree completely

Anonymous said...

At Nuremberg the US determined that following orders was no excuse for committing war crimes. The US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in at least 1 million dead Iraquis, countless maimed, and at least 4 million Iraqi refugees. True, our troops did not directly commit most of these crimes, but none of it would have happened without our invasions. Americans turn a cold shoulder to all of this. As long as they can get laid and have fantasy footlball, everything is fine. The US launches attacks into Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria and murders civilans, then lies and says that they were combatants. Eventually, the lies are exposed. We Americans cannot see ourselves the way the rest of the world sees us. How would Americans feel if Canada or Mexico were launching attacks into the US and killing Americans? Would we be sympathetic to them?
If, after all the years of lies, some Americans still believe the BS and are willing to go to Iraq and Afganistan and get killed or maimed, that is their business. But they will never get any support or sympathy from me. Support has to be earned, not given by default. Look, I'm not an America-hater. If I knew that Iraq, Afganistan, or any other country was an imminent threat, I would be the first to fight. But why die for a lie? Anyway, that's my rant. Feel free to smear me.