Monday, February 23, 2009

America's Municipal Meltdown: It's Tough Times for Troubled Towns

Hat tip Jerry!

Small towns are feeling the economic pain far worse than the rest of us, and no one knows how to stop the bleeding.

This is a very sobering article illustrating how the unemployment crisis is spreading like a cancer throughout towns across the nation - with no end in sight!

America's Municipal Meltdown: It's Tough Times for Troubled Towns



Anonymous said...

You know, between Alan Keyes' expression of frustration and his warning, this article about small towns failing, this piece from Karl Denninger, intimating that the U.S. is engaging in some kind of back door action to give our money to China, plus the spreading declarations of state sovereignty, I'm starting to smell a whiff of revolution in the air.

Before now I never believed that a revolution was conceivable because Americans are so fat and complacent. But the outrages are piling up, the pain is becoming unbearable and the worst part is that there's no end in sight! It's only going to get worse from here!


Anonymous said...

I never thought I would say this in my lifetime but you might be right. I think a general tax revolt is the most probable first manifestation. I would hope then that the government vipers would think twice and thereby avoid any violence.