Thursday, February 05, 2009

Obama Nominee Tax Problems: I've figured it all out - Taxes are Voluntary!

Obama's Cabinet Nominees', aside from our recently confirmed Secretary of the Treasury - who received a pass - probably because of his dirty little book of NY Fed Secrets (but I digress), are falling like dominos due to tax issues.

Tim Geithner our new "confirmed" Treasury Secretary - tax issues

Tom Daschle - Health and Human Services nominee - tax issues

Hilda Solis - Secretary of Labor Nominee - husband's tax issues

Nancy Killefer - Chief Performance Officer Nominee - tax issues

So, just how pervasive ARE these politician tax problem in Washington?

Well, I think Karl Denninger absolutely nailed it with his recent post: Obama: Enough Of This Crap

"I'll tell you what would be change. Since it appears that a huge percentage of the current and former Congressional delegation has cheated on its taxes - after all, what are the odds you only picked the tax cheats, if you want me to believe in your idea of CHANGE you will immediately order all member of Congress in both Houses to undergo full IRS audits all the way back to the Statute of Limitations (three years), along with all of their staff."

But wait, maybe we're being too harsh on these folks... Could it be they did nothing wrong? Could it be they were just following the tax advice of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid - who maintains (in the interview below) that paying income tax is completely voluntary?

Paying income tax in America is Voluntary - Must Watch!

I'd like to close with another Karl Denniger quote from the same link above:

"Your administration is dangerously close to creating a full-on tax revolt among Americans. You would not believe how often I have heard this among people both online and off in the last couple of weeks. The anger, especially when the people who are cheating are folks like Daschle and Geithner, is VISCERAL - these are the people who both wrote the tax code and were involved in the bailouts and handouts which you expect we the people - ordinary Americans - to pay for."

Bottom Line: You better wake up Washington!



Justin_n_IL said...

Phraseology? Phraseology? Did I just see/hear that? Oh my.... Pardon me while I vomit.

Justin_n_IL said...

Better wake up Washington? They don't care. The sad part is most of America does not care. A nation full of gluttonous willingly ignorant dumbed down boob tube zombies. If they were not so dumb(NOT an insult rather a "clarification".) there would already be riots all across the land. Washington sees that coming. The many FEMA camps and loosely written "terrorist" laws are for just such an occasion. The Ps'TB know it's all imploding

Anonymous said...

Harry Reid is totally brain dead. Phraseology. What was HE talking about. The facts are that if we began to force the corporations which moved their profits off-shore, along with the jobs, to pay the taxes that have avoided, it would come to over $450B.

Harry Reid give total justification to term limits!!