Thursday, February 19, 2009

Santelli's Chicago Tea Party - Must Watch!

CNBC's Rick Santelli and the traders on the floor of the CBOE express outrage over the notion they may have to pay their neighbor's mortgage, particularly if they bought far more house than they could actually afford.



Anonymous said...

Randy, I watched this while at work today and cheered!!! We're starting to take to the streets now; writing and calling congressmen is no longer a good use of time. We're moving into the next phase of this thing. I would like to urge everyone to use their freedom of speech while they still can!!

Anonymous said...

Randy, Watched this live this morning. Really I was watching to see what that super cute Trish Reagan was wearing today(Red by the way). Santelli is awesome.

My wife and I have been bathed in our 401k and IRA's.

My REO neighbors basically looted the banks, our kids college funds, and our retirement savings. Yet if I walked in a bank with a gun and took ten dollars I would get automatic ten years.

I never bounced a check, never had a late payment on anything, and paid off my credit card in full every month.

Now I am paying for my neighbor's stolen (via defaulted HELOC) Escalade. Obama's fault, hardly?

These people have punks for parents who taught them nothing about responsibility.Imagine what kind of lousy kids these thieves are going to produce.

War Rick Santelli telling it like it is. CNBC will probably fire him.

Anonymous said...

Randy, saw this as linked from Drudge this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. So what would happen if most everyone stopped paying their mortgage in protest?

Anonymous said...

Hey all, if 5% or more of Americans stop paying their income taxes, I will join them without a doubt. Daily I want to throw up when I see what our preditory government is doing with the money.
Thanks Randy for this great blog. This is the first (and only) blog I read every day. -Iconoclast

Anonymous said...

One more quick comment... It is becoming more and more mainstream to speak out against what the government is doing with our money. How long do you guys think it will be until they make a serious move to crack down on anti-government talk?

Anonymous said...

Randy, I liked the video...thanks for mentioning it. Here's a link to a place one of my friends just went to work...Wayne Leighton--a PD economist dude. Just FYI.


Anonymous said...

Funny he didn't speak out at all about the Wall Street/Banker bailout (TARP) which was WAY bigger than the bailout of mortgages.
I personally would rather pay to help someone keep their home than pay these fricking fat cat bankers and Madoff types.

cabezadepapa said...

so when is the tea party? i'm in.

Anonymous said...

If you were a regular CNBC viewer, you would know that Rick DID speak out against TARP. I suggest you rise above the Dem/Repub rivalry. Our gooberment is CORRUPT!! We must rail against corruption and stupidity wherever it is found.

Anonymous said...

This guy is an idiot! Sure there are a lot of people who were duped into buying more than they could afford, but what about the hundreds of thousands who have been laid off or outsourced? I'm sure he made millions short selling the banks.

Anonymous said...

This resembles somewhat the attack on welfare queens when Wall Street gets or steals hundreds of times as much money.

The powers-that-be always want us divided, and attacking each other, when we ought to be getting the tar and feather ready.