Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wall Street is robbing us blind

LPACTV Lyndon Larouche Behold - Wall Street wants to loot and rob us all!

Serious Food for Thought!

Lyndon LaRouche Discusses WW3 and Great Depression 2


Anonymous said...

I need a Zantac after that "food for thought".
So, Roosevelt proposed Ponzi Socialism to fight Fascism? The mind reels. OK, not really. It does make sense in the fact that Greenspan's schtick feigning ignorance about derivatives, and the low to ZIRP insanity that he handed off to be continued by Helicopter Ben is a massive ploy aided and abetted by the sleepy MSM.
What is LaRouche's point (by proxy?) Obama is naive? The oligarchs are trying to ruin his noble Socialist aims? Maybe you could expound on your take a bit more Randy?

Randy said...


I can't speak for the man, but believe you are correct in dissecting the main point: Obama - AND the majority of our gvt, are naive.

Many of us here realize the Gvt's strings are being pulled by others - via the banks and money - but do our leaders even realize it?

Larouche's EIR Website

Larouche Political Action Committee

BTW: Just posted up a new LaRouche video here - hope you like it too.

Jordan Greenhall said...

Man, how do you walk the fine line between blindness and paranoia?

Pick your poison. My operating thesis is less about deliberate and effective conspiracies than the natural damage that is done by using obselete concepts to deal with novel problems.

The guys who built the Maginot line probably weren't conspiring to open France up to German assault - they just were using 19th century ideas to fight a 20th century war.

I think that Obama's current advisors - really believe that the banks need to be saved and that saving the banks is in the best interests of the economy, the society and the US of A. While they certainly are on the wrong side of greed, spiritually, they are trying to do the right thing.

Trying to track down the conspiracies leads too quickly to a Beautiful Mind moment.

Anonymous said...

Jordan - you really really need to read Craig Paul Roberts at Counterpunch. Here is a great crossing of the lines, an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the REAGAN administration writing at a famously contrarian Left website. (I enjoy CP giving Alexander Cockburn a forum to demolish global warming orthodoxy too).
GATA Reprint
He shows how this could have easily been undone had Obama been willing to implement real "Change". (thanks FOFOA)