Saturday, February 21, 2009

Glenn Beck and Gerald Celente 20 Feb

Glenn Beck Worst Case Scenarios with Gerald Celente and others - Aired Feb 20 2009

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And I just found this short Part 4


Anonymous said...

Glad you added part 3 Randy. I think that's the most important part. Will our military follow our insane govt and fire on American citizens? Important questions asked.

Anonymous said...

Excellent videos. I'm troubled, though, by Bob Baer referring to the oil in the middle east as "our resources."

Dave - Erstwhile Urban Wanderer

Anonymous said...

I agree that guy Bob Baer is scary. Im disapointed at Glenn Beck for not disagreeing with everything that guy said.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these.
Unfortunately I don't think they "war-gamed" anywhere near enough about the ramifications of prolonged high unemployment and a continuing drop in living standards (even for the employed).

Lawlessness, riots, revolutions, disruptions in the supply of food, water, power, deflation/inflation/stagflation....what effects will these produce? In what likely order of sequence?

Shoot, Glen Beck could have a hit series on his hands.