Friday, February 06, 2009

Gordon Brown: world in a 'depression'

Gordon Brown - Britain's prime minister:

"As the financial gloom deepens, he told the Tory leader David Cameron today: “We should agree, as a world, on a monetary and fiscal stimulus that will take the world out of depression.”


Unknown said...

we should agree as a world

not we should agree as a political party, not we should agree as a government but we should agree as a world!

Gordon Brown has no idea what this phrase means and I don't either

Unknown said...

If we start from the proposition that the US agrees as a nation that blacks and whites should be treated equally and fairly then the cost of that agreement has been high - a civil war, 200 years of conflict - still ongoing.

Another proposition: That Europe agrees as a collection of nations that one country must not expand to the disadvantage of its neighbours. The cost of that agreement has been very high: two world wars.

I see Gordon Brown's proposition as something with a very very high cost. Maybe he sees it as some sort of accounting change!