Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gerald Celente on Glenn Beck: "Global Katrina"


- US Collapsing from the Top Down
- The Greatest Depression Ever (worse than the 30's)
- Disenfranchisement, Revolution and Global Katrina

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Anonymous said...

Beck and this guy don't get it. Obama has promised change and you can't tell me the majority of American voters can be wrong.

Obama's brining in new people and new ideas to resolve this. Did he not run on a platform and promise of hope, change and "yes, we can" attitude? That is what we need. Positive feelings and positive beliefs because all things are possible for those with faith.

I am so sick of these TV and radio jerks mouthing off before OBAMA has had time to resolve these problems. None of this tripe was heard during the campaigns and why? It is not that bad.

Obama can solve this. I believe it and MILLIONS of real Americans have put their faith and trust in Obama. Give him time. Give him the chance to solve this, and he will.

That is change you can believe in.

Anonymous said...

"Obama has promised change and you can't tell me the majority of American voters can be wrong."

Or, to rewrite your statement another way:

"My favorite charismatic leader has promised me it's all going to be okay, and the mob is rational."

Not that McCain would be any better, but your statement above is delusional, and that's putting it as nicely as I can.

T Z said...


While it is OK to have faith in Obama, one should understand that faith is based on imagination of the evidence. [Trust is based more on the actual evidence.]

Obama is reasonably honest. But he is not all powerful. Indeed he has little power compared to the combined power of the nation's elite groups. Doubt me? These elite groups managed to sink the entire economy during the presidency of their big friend GW Bush. Bush was clueless and impotent in their wake.

Obama cannot fix the economy because it is mathematically, practically, politically, and internationally IMPOSSIBLE.

Things have gone way way to far into the hole.

The financial reckoning in only in its early phase in a minimum decade-long deep recession. For millions it will be true depression. This is unavoidable.

What Obama can do is to make things spiritually easier at the edges. To keep the country together when it is blowing up. And to prepare for an national architecture for the future generations. If he survives the first term that is.


Gerald is a real interesting guy.


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