Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Damn Scary Kitco Article!

Found this article while perusing the web tonight. Makes my 2009 outlook ( Economic Tsunami of 2009 ) look like a trip to Disneyland.

Kitco Article: Webeatthestreet 2009 outlook

- AIG Tanks w/worldwide repercussions
- Dow could end-up anywhere from 5,600 to a low of 3,000 or even 1,500
- # of those needing food help will rise to 35,000,000
- Urban areas to see skyrocketing crime; in parts of some cities, life could become totally uninhabitable.
- No recovery until 2015.


Anonymous said...

Randy, just like your tsunami post (which was good), people will read this and maybe even get mad but not act. What do you think it will take to spark revolt against the preditors who govern us?

Anonymous said...

Randy, Awesome read if you want to be scared straight to the bank--give me my money to buy rice and ammo :) Dag man, bleak isn't even sufficient.